A Change in Fashion

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It was during the early to mid-1830s that women's fashion began to change. Prior to this, waists had been very high, falling just below the bust, were in softer colors, skirts were not worn with petticoats, and sleeves were not extravagant. The dress pictured here, which is from 1830, shows the changes that were beginning to occur in women's fashion. Sleeves on women's clothing began to be puffed out -- known as the Victoria sleeve -- although remaining tight at the shoulder and wrist. If worn for the day, a belt would be added around the natural waist, allowing for the long wide skirt to fall below it. As the decade moved on, shoulders gradually became more exposed, until the neckline became set off the shoulder.

Image and information courtesy of https://www.mimimatthews.com/2015/11/30/the-1830s-in-fashionable-gowns-a-visual-guide-to-the-decade/.

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